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Testimonial: Pregnancy Massage with Marilyne Lopes

Reyan Haider recently had a pregnancy massage session for back pain relief with our Women’s Health Specialist/Physiotherapist, Marilyne Lopes at our Dubai Healthcare City Branch.

Read her testimonial on Instagram.

Wellness Wednesday @ Babies and Beyond

Join Women’s Health Specialist/Physiotherapist Marilyne Lopes at a FREE event at Babies and Beyond to learn more about staying fit during pregnancy and, learn the contra-indications and safety guidelines to have a safe and fit pregnancy.

RSVP: or call 04 430 8900.

Overeating and Low Energy

As the travelling season comes to an end and most of us are back in town, maybe you realize that enjoying the local cuisine, wherever you have been during summers, can easily turn into the habit of overeating!

Overeating, late night meals and food sensitivities can make the mind and body go numb and leave you feeling drained. Food and digestion processes influence the body’s pH level. When the pH level is out of its optimal balance, the nervous system does not function properly which can affect your mind and mood.

Next month will be dedicated to getting back into shape and settling into a good (work) routine. Even better if you plan to integrate some health-conscious exercises and stress prevention techniques.

It is also a good time for a food plan that avoids empty calories but provides you with an abundance of nutrients while promoting a healthy metabolism. If you are tired of feeling full and heavy after your meals – want to avoid running on low energy levels and need to lift some brain fog – get some health advice and let your lifestyle choices improve your well-being. It often only requires some small tweaks to your everyday routine to improve your health and prevent disease.

Schedule an appointment with Tina Krombach, Homeopath/ Naturopath, to assess your constitution and individual health plan. Call 043487366 or 044232096 or book online.

Introducing the Motion Cube in Dubai

We are excited to introduce the Motion Cube, the only full body marker-less 3D motion analysis system in the UAE. It utilises video analysis software that measures joint range, acceleration and velocity of motion in real time and provides immediate feedback.

Osteopath Paul Bell is offering Motion Cube assessments at the Osteopathic Health Centre’s Umm Suqeim branch. Learn more about the experience here .

The analysis from the Motion Cube can be used to identify imbalance and asymmetry in the body and alterations in movement patterns. This can be useful for technique coaching, injury prevention, to improve treatment and to aid rehabilitation.

With the Motion Cube, you will no longer have to wait around for reports to be sent to your doctor or surgeon. Your motion analysis report will be available to you the same day in digital format to view and share directly with your GP, surgeon, physio, rehab specialist, yoga instructor or personal trainer.

If you would like to learn more, please send your queries to

Ramadan Health Tips

By Homeopath Tina Krombach

  • Ramadan fasting gives the body’s digestive tract a rest from continuous digestion work. However, your metabolism should not lay down its duties completely, which can be prevented by adequate rehydration at the time of Iftar, ideally by 2 glasses of room temperature, still water that can be pepped up with juice of a freshly squeezed lemon, slices of organic cucumber, pieces of ginger and a handful of organic mint leaves. It is best to wait for about 20 minutes after drinking before you proceed with dates and avoid drinking liquid with solid food in general.
  • Salad, when enjoyed before a cooked meal, stimulates the digestion juices and enzymes as preparation for your metabolism. Fibrous foods and light activity will support healthy digestion and prevent constipation. In some cases natural dietary supplementation is needed to keep a healthy bowel activity.
  • There are certain food combinations that have a beneficial effect on your health and others can be very demanding on the digestive organs. You can get help with healthy food combinations and individual eating plans from your nutrition specialist. Generally speaking, simple meals are easier to digest.
  • For many people it might be necessary to adjust the pH level because we naturally go into an acidic state during times of fasting. Therefore alkaline foods and adequate elimination of acids are important. Your health specialist can help you find the best individual way to stay alkaline and detoxify from acids and toxins.
  • Keep the good habits that you have established during Ramadan and continue to celebrate eating without distraction from TV/phone/news etc., noise, stress, worries but in a relaxed and peaceful environment so that you can eat slowly and mindfully. Your body will be grateful!