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Complimentary Classes in Ramadan


During the month of Ramadan, Tina Krombach is offering complimentary relaxation and yoga classes at OHC (first come, first served basis). To register, please email on or call 043487366.

Ramadan Relaxation Class: Saturdays, 5pm – 6pm from 3rd June

Enjoy one hour of relaxation, powerful affirmation and visualization to calm down and balance the nervous system, recharge energy, raise body awareness, improve concentration and sleep, harmonize body and mind.

Ramadan Yoga class: Mondays 8am – 9am from 29th May

Special Ramadan Yoga Program focuses on:
• Easy and effective flowing movements
• Mobilization of joints and muscles
• Flexibility of spine, supportive movements for your back
• Purifying, energizing and balancing breath
• Relaxation and prevention of the effects of stress
• Muscle relaxation
• Guided meditation

Ramadan Free Treatment Campaign

Ramadan: The Month of Good Health

The holy month of Ramadan, whether you are fasting or not, is a great time to cleanse and regenerate the body.

If you are fasting it is a nice opportunity to celebrate healthy food for Iftar and Suhoor that will cleanse and nourish you to feel sustained yet light and refreshed.

Take the chance during Ramadan to fine tune your nutrition and integrate cleansing foods that support the body detoxifying and eliminating unwanted substances such as toxins from environmental pollution, residual chemicals/pesticides/fertilizer in food or water and metabolic waste products that may be difficult to expel.

Detoxification and healthy nutrition that provides you with vital foods:

  • helps restore your energy levels and nutrient stores;
  • improves nutrient availability and absorption into the body’s cells;
  • enhances nutritional status;
  • supports healthy and long lasting weight management;
  • promotes ridding of unwanted eating habits;
  • improves your metabolism;
  • balances your hormone levels; and
  • cleanses, regenerates, rejuvenates and refreshes.

Consultations to assess the best kind of detox and support your individual nutritional requirements can be any time before or during Ramadan. Use the Ramadan Special Offer during this month and get 30% off your first consultation with our homeopath Tina Krombach. To book a session, please call 043487366 or visit this link.

Why this alternative treatment approach is a hit in the UAE

Published in the Khaleej Times

One therapy that has sure gained popularity among locals across age-groups is osteopathy, a form of drug-free non-invasive manual medicine that focuses on total body health.

Recently the first ‘Emirates Osteopathic Conference’ in the region was hosted in Dubai titled, “Osteopathy across the Life Span” which reflected the wide scope of osteopathic practice in helping people of all age groups, beginning from care of infants to the care of the elderly.

The conference that was hosted in Dubai, under the patronage of the Emirates Osteopathic Society (Emirates Medical Association), saw participation of international experts from 14 countries.

The Dubai Healthcare City Authority awarded the conference 17 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits. The keynote address was delivered by Sheikh Saqr bin Humaid Al Qasimi, who has been instrumental in encouraging the need to bring osteopathic education to the region.

Different subjects discussed at the conference were regulation in the field of osteopathy, challenges and opportunities, treating premature newborns, overcoming barriers for effective rehabilitation of patients using new techniques in pain management, osteopathic management of women’s health issues in various life stages and multimodal geriatric care. Taking into account the phases of human development from conception to old age and how human adaptation changes over time, the presenters brought forth a multi-dimensional intervention strategy which can promote health and wellbeing of individuals.

“Osteopathy has been practised in the UAE for over 30 years, and it is rapidly gaining popularity as an important healthcare profession. The UAE is a fast-developing hub for medical tourism in the region, and osteopathy can play a very important role in patient care if we provide the right guidance and training to budding talents. The first Emirates Osteopathic Conference is testimony to the increasing potential of osteopathy in the region, and we hope to sustain our efforts to raise the level of expertise in the field.” said Malcolm Gregory, president of Emirates Osteopathic Society.

Attendees included osteopaths, physiotherapists and other healthcare practitioners involved in patient care.

“Recovering from a health condition is often a difficult experience, and osteopaths help people overcome these challenges, while facilitating recovery using a natural and holistic approach. Scientific review and evidence-informed outcomes have a high priority in patient treatment and case management. Healthcare professionals are increasingly recognising that traditional medicine and osteopathy can go hand in hand to garner long term positive health outcomes for patients,” said Jorge Esteves, osteopath, associate professor and chair of the Emirates Osteopathic Conference Scientific Committee.

Taking Care of Yourself

Published in Health Magazine

From the moment a woman finds out she is expecting a baby, her moods and body begin to change and develop as she enters this very exciting time of her life. HEALTH presents a guide for moms-to-be and new moms to help ease the transition.

Easing Pain and Discomfort

During pregnancy, the body goes through an important transformation in preparation for the birth of the baby, explains Physiotherapist Marilyne Lopes.

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