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Mariam Mohyeddin

Mariam Mohyeddin

Mariam is a Chartered Physiotherapist having qualified in the UK in 2013. Mariam’s principle area of focus is musculoskeletal physiotherapy aiding patients in their recovery – from acute and chronic pain, repetitive strain or traumatic injury and post-surgical rehabilitation. This involves a detailed understanding of the nature of the patient’s problem after which a tailor-made programme of rehab treatment is prescribed and administered.

She uses a variety of techniques, often in combination. These include manual therapy, soft tissue mobilisations, active release techniques, dry needling and exercise therapy.

Mariam has a certificate in Spinal Manual therapy. She has achieved excellent results with patients who suffer from peripheral nerve sensitization, commonly “sciatica”.

She also uses motor control re-training for dysfunctions related to the head and neck, including but not limited to chronic neck pain, headache and whiplash injury. She uses a combination of somatics and fascial movement strategies to help patients in acute and chronic pain, to understand their bodies and move with more ease, awareness and freedom.

Mariam’s practice is patient centered adjusting programs to the specific needs of her patients. Giving her patients the right tools enabling them to take control of their problem.

Mariam enjoys working closely with her team to achieve the best results for her patients.

A committed sport enthusiast herself, Mariam has played competitive Basketball since her school days. She also enjoys playing Tennis, and regularly practices Yoga.

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