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Peter Zakopcan

Peter Zakopcan has graduated with a Diploma in Physiotherapy and BSc in Physiotherapy from Slovakia and he is currently pursuing his MSc degree in Sheffield-Hallam University, UK.  In addition to his academic education, Peter is also a certified therapist of NDT Bobath, Vojta’s Reflex Locomotion Therapy, GM Assessment, Redcord Concept and ISST Schroth Method. He is a Registered Physiotherapist with DHA (UAE), HCPC (U.K.) and MoH (Czech Republic).

Since qualifying in 2002, Peter has worked in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, KSA and UAE in the National Health Services, education services and private practices. Peter’s therapeutic approach involves a variety of evidence-based techniques and methods including manual therapy, myofascial and scar release, dry needling, mulligan concept, neuromuscular re-education, neurodevelopmental stabilization, Klapp method, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, medical and kinesiotaping.

Peter has a particular interest in early intervention and neurodevelopmental therapies working with both adults and children, in which he has received extensive postgraduate training.  He also specializes in treatment of the following conditions:

  • Neurological (Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, brain traumas, stroke, muscular dystrophies, brachial plexus injury, foot drop and other peripheral nerve injuries in adults)
  • Paediatric (prematurely born babies, head and foot deformities, Torticollis, Erb’s palsy, developmental delays and deficits, cerebral palsy, hip dysplasia and gait pathologies)
  • Musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions (neck, back and ribs-related pain, limited movement or hypermobility of joints causing pain, Scoliosis, tendinopathies, postural kyphosis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, hip conditions)
  • Sport injuries related mainly to martial arts and contact sports (from preventative programs to postoperative treatment)


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