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Steve Chesterfield

Steve Chesterfield is an Osteopath and Health Coach from New Zealand. He has 20 years’ experience working in health optimisation in New Zealand, UAE, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Steve initiated his career specialising in human movement as a Personal Trainer which naturally led him to study Osteopathy in Auckland, New Zealand. He went on to achieve honors when he completed his Masters in Osteopathy.

Steve treats all walks of life from newborn babies and toddlers to older adults presenting with acute sporting injuries or chronic pain. Due to Steve’s sporting background he especially enjoys treating the sporting population as well as patients presenting with headaches, neck and jaw pain, digestive and visceral issues, as well as providing health coaching.

Steve has a deep interest in Primal Living & Ancestral Health: “Most health complaints today stem from us having to live in our toxic modern world. The way we move, eat, rest, sleep, and socialize is so drastically different to the way we used to live and is why we are witnessing an exponential growth of pain and diseases on a worldwide scale.”  

Steve is currently studying Functional Medicine through the Functional Medicine University. He was also the Head Coach at Primal MD where he ran courses for other health practitioners looking to expand their skill set.

Steve’s holistic unique in-depth philosophy to optimal health is what makes him such a successful Osteopath and Health Coach. One of Steve’s greatest achievements was cycling 2222km around the South Island of New Zealand raising money for Canteen – one of his favourite charities.

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