The Elephant Club hosts meeting in Mirdif, Dubai

Dubai, 23rd November 2015:  Healthcare practitioners working in Mirdif area of Dubai gathered at Kuttab Café on Monday for a meeting by The Elephant Club.

The group once again comprised an interesting mix of people specializing in different areas to promote good health in Dubai: Catherine Peters (Speech and Language Therapist, Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Center),  Sabine El Deek (Speech and Language Therapist / Technical Manager, Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Center), Carol Smylie (Specialist Family Medicine, Health Bay Polyclinic), Garima Khandelwal (Paediatric Dentist, Dr. Joy Dental Clinic), Bassam Hussain (Osteopath, Osteopathic Health Centre), Cristina Mesquita (Osteopath, OHC) and Nargis Raza (Managing Partner, Osteopathic Health Centre).

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