Chiropractic Care in Dubai

Chiropractic treatment involves manipulation (“adjustment”) of the spine as a treatment. It includes manipulation and massage to “adjust” the spine and related tissues.

Skilled, specific hands-on techniques, including manipulation and mobilization, are used to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures, to reduce pain and to increase range of motion and general health.

The approach is generally conservative, and treatment may include:

  • manual procedures, including spinal or joint manipulation or mobilization, soft‐tissue and reflex techniques;
  • exercise, and other active care;
  • psychosocial aspects of patient management;
  • patient education on spinal health, posture, nutrition and lifestyle modifications;
  • emergency treatment and acute pain management;
  • other supportive measures, including the use of back supports and orthotics;
  • recognition of the limitations of chiropractic care, and of the need for referral to other health professionals.


Chiropractors may use exercise and use additional alternative therapies. They provide necessary advice to facilitate the healing process through chiropractic. Dubai residents trust our chiropractor for treatment of neck or low back pain and related disorders. Chiropractic treatment may also be effective for lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy, some forms of headache, and some extremity joint conditions. It can thus benefit in a variety of conditions and patients from different age groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from Chiropractic treatment?
Treatment is usually for neck or low back pain and related disorders. It may be effective for lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy, as effective as mobilization for neck pain, some forms of headache, and some extremity joint conditions.
What's the difference between osteopathy and chiropractic?
Interestingly, 'osteo' and 'chiro' both refer to bone in Greek and Latin respectively. The differences between the two disciplines lie in the philosophy behind the practice of osteopathy and chiropractic, the former having a more European approach, the latter more American. Some of the manipulative techniques are similar, and equally beneficial, but the basic philosophy, as in European and American approaches to medicine, though similar is where the difference lies. Choosing between which approach to follow for a patient is purely personal and depends upon individual experience. Another difference between osteopathy and chiropractic work is the frequency with which treatment is administered. Osteopathic practitioners lean toward minimal intervention with a three or more day gap between visits to facilitate the body's own healing process. Chiropractors may want to treat patients more frequently.