Dubai Rehabilitation Centre

Are you suffering from intense pain and swelling or are unable to move? A Dubai physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre might be the answer to your troubles.

If you are looking for highly trained health care professionals offering a holistic approach to treating your pain, visit the Osteopathic Health Centre.

At OHC we offer a high standard of treatment for post-surgical rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation and rehabilitation of patients with partial or complete spinal trauma. Our practitioners are dedicated to treating impairments and disabilities and, promoting mobility and normal function of the body.

OHC serves as a rehabilitation centre for disabled and for anyone recovering from an illness or injury. We educate our patients on their specific injury and the ways in which they can heal. Exercise is an integral part of our treatment plan. When required, a patient is given an individually designed exercise programme to help achieve specific goals. For example, for patients seeking rehab for sports injuries, our therapists teach them strengthening and sports-specific exercises to rehabilitate their joints and muscles and help them get back into playing sports. We can also help with achieving a desired or optimal level of performance in sports and athletics.

OHC is thus perfectly equipped with the personnel, expertise, and resources to help restore mobility and movement, while protecting your health. Our experienced practitioners will implement a rehabilitation plan to ensure that you are able to recover. Using a combination of manual techniques, such as soft tissue, trigger points, mobilization and manipulation, etc., we can facilitate normal movement. With recommendation from your physician, we can provide you with the right kind of treatment for your condition at our rehabilitation centre in Dubai. We offer the following types of treatment, designed to meet patient-specific needs.

Different types of Rehabilitation we offer