The Motion Cube is the only full body marker-less 3D motion analysis system in the UAE. It utilises video analysis software that measures joint range, acceleration and velocity of motion in real time and provides immediate feedback.

The analysis from the Motion Cube can be used to identify imbalance and asymmetry in the body and alterations in movement patterns. This can be useful for technique coaching, injury prevention, to improve treatment and to aid rehabilitation.

With the Motion Cube, you will no longer have to wait around for reports to be sent to your doctor or surgeon. Your motion analysis report will be available to you the same day in digital format to view and share directly with your general practitioner, surgeon, physiotherapist, rehabilitation specialist, yoga instructor or personal trainer. The report will also contain recommendations for any specific issues that need to be addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will a Motion Cube assessment involve?
The Motion Cube assessments typically last for 30 minutes depending on the requirements. You will need to wear full length dark slim fit tracksuit bottoms or leggings and dark short sleeved top.
Upon arrival, osteopath Paul Bell will run you through a series of questions before you enter the cube.  He will then ask you to complete a series of movements.
You will be able to see your movements in real-time on a large screen inside The Cube. After your session Paul will explain the results which will also be available to you electronically.