Q&A: Expert Advice by Saiqa Rizwani – YogaLife Magazine

Q&A with Osteopath Saiqa Rizwani about Osteopathy as published in YogaLife Magazine-January 2015 edition.

What are the similarities between an osteopath and a conventional MD?

Both will want to make a correct diagnosis and to offer treatment for the symptoms. The treatment methods will vary, however, since an MD may prescribe tests or medication to deal with the symptoms, whereas an osteopath will prefer to treat the symptoms by using manual therapy, mobilisations and osteopathic techniques. Osteopaths diagnose and treat all musculoskeletal problems by restoring the body to a state of balance without the use of drugs or surgery. Osteopaths are skilled in diagnosing problems that may require further investigation or medical treatment; this is where we work in conjunction with a conventional doctor by a referral-based system. In order for your body to work well its structure must also work well.

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