Yoga Life Interview: Managing Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a common occurrence and can affect bones or soft tissue such as ligaments, muscles and tendons. A physiotherapist can treat many of the injuries, with the aim of fully rehabilitating the athlete and facilitating their return to sport. In an interview, Joseph Maynard, a physiotherapist at the Osteopathic Health Centre in Dubai, gives the details

At some point in any sports person’s career, injures will happen; not only in elite sport but at all levels of ‘sports’, down to your regular gym goer.

Top and elite sports people will push their bodies to near breaking point to get every last bit out of their performance. Competitive sport in general is a tightrope; you are always a few inches away from plummeting off and having to grind your way back up to the top once more. With the help of physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists, these periods of pain and injury can be drastically reduced, if not prevented.


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